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Mission Statement: California Transmissions, Rocklin

To keep it simple, my goal at California Transmissions is to keep family cars roadworthy so families may road-trip and build lasting memories together, just as my grandparents did with me. Memories aren’t about the stuff one buys, as residents of this valley have become all too aware of. A dam may break, or a fire may turn everything to ash, but memories live on.

At the end of the day, I just want to fall asleep at night knowing I put in a full day of honest work, where my word is my honor. I want to assure families and individuals that their chariot of choice is ready to hit the road when they are and that customers become lifelong friends; something I can be proud to hang my hat on. We will strive to continue to work with the utmost honesty and integrity, just as Dave Feuerwerker, the previous owner, delivered to Rocklin area residents for 20+ years.

So, let us worry about keeping your family coach running, and you worry about packing that picnic lunch and which beautiful part of the Golden West you’re going to explore next.

With love and happy memories,

Jenn Anderson, Owner
War Horse Ventures Inc.
California Transmissions, Rocklin

Customer-First Services for Over 40 Years

California Transmissions has serviced countless transmissions and clutches over the past 40 years. We have extensive experience in our field, and we remain committed to delivering solutions to our customers at fair rates. We understand how expensive transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements can be, so we offer fair prices to get our customers back on the road. Our dedication to remaining driven not by profit but by our customers’ happiness is a significant reason why we are trusted throughout Rocklin, CA.

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A Long and Storied History in Rocklin and Orangevale, CA

We started our shop at our Orangevale location in the mid-1970s. By 1979, our reputation had grown enough to allow us to open a second location in Rocklin, CA, where we have served our customers since. After a few decades of developing relationships with returning customers and impressing our communities, our owner sold the company to nephew. Today, we boast more than four decades of experience under our belts, and we continue to provide the same level of services that our patrons have come to appreciate and expect from our team. We have cultivated an enjoyable atmosphere to work in, so much so that one of our staff members is a 20-year veteran of our team!

We Are Proud Members of ATRA

We are proud members of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA). This non-profit membership is renowned in our field, and our membership in it is a testament to our commitment to bettering ourselves and growing our craft. We assure you we adhere to the transmission service and repair definitions of excellence and live by the ATRA bylaws and code of ethics. Our other professional associations and licenses include the Better Business Bureau, Orangevale and Rocklin area Chambers of Commerce, ASC, and Nationwide Warranties. You can trust us for transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements, as well as clutch repairs.

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