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Trustworthy, Honest Automatic Transmission Repairs

Today, most cars have an automatic transmission, making automatic transmission repairs one of our Rocklin, CA shop’s most common services. Your transmission plays a vital role in how your car operates, so it is essential to immediately take care of any issues. We are not a profit-driven company. Instead, we keep our focus where it belongs: on you. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied with our services, and we accomplish this task each day. We have repaired thousands of transmissions over the years, so you can trust us with the job.

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We Offer Free Estimates on Every Repair

At California Transmissions, we know how to identify transmission problems quickly and accurately. We offer free estimates on every repair, ensuring you have an accurate accounting of the problem. More importantly, we provide an honest estimate of the cost of your repairs. We pledge to stay within the confines of the estimate. Our honesty is why you can trust us with transmission repairs, and we believe you will be satisfied with the work we do.

The Signs That You Need Transmission Repair

Fortunately for you, the signs of automatic transmission failure are fairly obvious. You will know something is wrong by the way your car behaves. From there, our team can run computerized diagnostics and perform a visual inspection to provide an honest (and free) estimate. Some of the symptoms of an ailing automatic transmission include, but are not limited to:

Griding and Shaking

This is a serious problem that will only grow worse as time moves along. Therefore, it is essential to bring your vehicle to our specialists when you can hear and feel grinding and shaking coming from your transmission. The earlier you act, the better off you will be financially.

Car Will Not Respond When in Gear

When transmissions go bad, there is sometimes a delay when you perform an action in your vehicle. For instance, when you put your car into drive or reverse, does it take a moment to react? That isn’t a good sign. IT could indicate a problem with your fluid or a computer system problem.

Unusual Noises

Your car is not meant to make loud or unusual noises as it drives and shifts. Whining, humming, and clunking noises – while in neutral – are a dead giveaway. In some cases, it is a minor issue.

Burning Smells

If you smell burning smells coming from the hood of your car, first identify whether it is your transmission. If it is, then you should bring your vehicle to see us immediately. This could indicate a serious problem demanding immediate attention.

Slipping Gears

Your vehicle should send precise signals to your transmission when it is time to shift gears. Slipping gears means this action does not occur as it should. Not only can it grow worse, but it represents a serious safety issue. You should respond to this problem right away.

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