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Outstanding Clutch Repair in Rocklin, CA

At California Transmissions, we deliver honest and customer-focused mechanic services to transmissions and clutches. Our team has performed clutch repair in Rocklin, CA for over 40 years, and we are proud of our legacy for excellence in this area. Your clutch controls when and how power is transferred from your engine to the wheels of your vehicle. In manual transmission vehicles, the clutch becomes utterly essential. We’re here when it fails, ensuring you can get back on the road and enjoy driving the vehicle you love so much.

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We Provide Honest and Fair Prices

At California Transmissions, we have long taken pride in our ability to provide clutch repair at honest and fair prices. And we apply the Automatic Transmission Rebuilder’s Association (ATRA)’s code of ethics to every job we perform – regardless of what we are doing. Our innovative approach and dedication to putting the customer first are why we are so highly regarded. You can trust us to repair or replace your clutch.

The Symptoms of Clutch Failure

Fortunately for you, it isn’t difficult to tell when it is time to invest in a new clutch. Clutch failure is usually readily apparent and easy to pinpoint, making it easier for drivers to act quickly. If you have noticed any of the following signs of clutch failure, bring your vehicle into our shop. We can help identify the issue definitively and move forward from there. The signs of clutch failure include:

A Soft Clutch Pedal

If you drive a manual transmission, you are likely very familiar with the feeling of your clutch pedal. It should be firm, not soft. If you start to notice a softer-than-usual pedal, then you might have a problem with your clutch fluid.

Difficulty Shifting Into Reverse

Of course, any problems changing gears is worrisome. But you should pay attention to how easily you switch into reverse because it takes a tremendous amount of force for your vehicle to do so.

A Slipping Clutch

A well-running clutch should disengage when you press it and allow you to change gears, then re-engage once you have done so. Slipping clutches occur as the components in the mechanism begin to wear down over time.

Bumping and Grinding Sounds

Grinding noises should never happen when you press down on your clutch pedal. If you hear noises like this, then it is a surefire sign that your clutch is worn down. However, grinding noises can indicate many other issues, so it is best to bring it to us.

Burning Smells

When your clutch wears out, you may begin to notice some burning odors. There is a higher risk of this issue when you drive in rush hour traffic because of the frequency at which you are shifting gears.

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