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We Offer More Than Repairs at California Transmissions

Unfortunately, not all transmission repair shops are created equally. Some do not operate honestly and overcharge their customers. We do not do that. Other shops can only perform repairs. We provide excellent repair services, but we take things a step further. At California Transmissions, we offer premium transmission rebuilds to Rocklin, CA customers. If your motor vehicle is grinding, shaking, humming, clunking, or leaking transmission fluid, you might have a problem. We encourage you to bring it into our shop.

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Transmission Rebuilds Vs. Replacements

Transmission rebuilds are usually preferable to replacements because they are less expensive than a full-scale replacement. The lower cost makes them the best option for those whose vehicles are having transmission problems. Instead of being done at the factory level and requiring a total replacement, we merely swap out the worn-out of damaged parts of your transmission while keeping the bulk of it intact. It is a much better solution to transmission problems for many customers. We will provide you with a free estimate, during which our team will determine whether a rebuild is the best option for you and your vehicle.

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How Transmission Rebuilding Works

Rebuilding a transmission is a precise and well-honed process involving several steps. We perform each one carefully. At California Transmissions, we have decades of experience rebuilding transmissions, and we can work on all makes and models. First, we must remove the transmission from your vehicle and dismantle it. We then chemically clean the transmission by running it through a parts washer. Next, we go through each part and determine which ones need replacing, and swap out the ones that do. Once we finish replacing parts, we perform any needed electrical repairs. Lastly, our team re-installs the newly-rebuilt transmission back into your vehicle.

We Are a Client-First Transmission Repair Company

At California Transmissions, we believe honesty is the best policy. Our company prioritizes the happiness of our customers. In fact, we’d go so far as to state that we are not a for-profit company. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to being for you. Our team works tirelessly to perform transmission repair and rebuild services that serve our clients well rather than our bottom line. You can count on an honest estimate that considers everything we have to do and keeps costs as low as possible.

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