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Over 40 Years of Experience Replacing Transmissions

California Transmissions has years of experience providing transmission replacements to Rocklin, CA motorists. When your transmission fails, you want to know the company you work with operates with honesty and provides a transparent free estimate. You’ll find both when you work with our team. For over 40 years, our name has been synonymous with quality and excellence, a reputation we work tirelessly to uphold. Our team is committed to providing replacement services at a fair rate driven not by profit but by an unwavering devotion to our customers.

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Your Transmission Plays a Vital Role in Your Vehicle

At California Transmissions, we want you to understand the importance of your transmission. Whether you own a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, the transmission is a vital piece of your car’s machinery. It is instrumental in transmitting speed and torque from a rotating power source to another device. When your transmission fails, you might notice slipped gears, burning smells, grinding noises, or your car may not want to shift from one gear to the next.

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Repairs Vs. Replacement: When We Suggest Replacement

Our company has years of experience working on transmissions. As the region’s foremost experts in transmission replacements, we know when a repair simply won’t cut it. Our team honestly assesses the situation and determines whether a repair or replacement is best for you. If we cannot repair your transmission, we will use top-notch parts to reconstruct your transmission and replace it, one part at a time. Our goal is to rebuild your transmission, so it is like new again, preventing problems down the line.

Our Team Is Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

We have served customers in Rocklin and Orangevale for more than 40 years. We are the choice transmission shop in the region for a reason. Our business model is client-oriented, not profit-driven. At all times, we greet our customers with a smile and work hard to resolve their issues in as financially friendly a manner as possible. We know how stressful replacing your transmission can be. We want to work on your behalf to do the job as cheaply as possible for your convenience.

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