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Testimonials From Our Clients

At California Transmissions, we let the quality of our services speak for itself. Continue reading to get a better idea of the transmission solutions we offer in Rocklin and Orangevale, CA.

"7 years ago, I thought I had a transmission problem and took my 2002 honda odyssey to Tony at California Transmissions. Problem turned out to be completely unrelated to the transmission but Tony being the honest guy he is pointed out the problem and told me I didn’t need a new transmission. They also made note that my engine and transmission mounts were failing and I made arrangements with them to replace them.

Fast forward 7 years or so and the transmission died for real. I brought the van to them again and in 2 days, they had a newly rebuilt transmission installed and I was back on the road! I just took it in for a mini checkup as was requested by Jessie and they checked the connectors on the sensors because I keep getting a sensor error.

During the process of checking things out they also checked my engine oil and showed me that it was so low it wasn't registering on the dip stick. Tony promptly added some engine oil and pointed out the obvious error on my part for not checking it on a more regular basis, especially now that my van has 1/4 million miles on it as it surely uses more oil now than it did when it was new!

Honesty and integrity are something missing from lots of businesses today but California Transmissions is not like those other guys. They are here to provide honest service at a very fair price. They are not looking to gouge you or take advantage of you and sell you services and parts you don't need just to make a buck. I just wished they did more than transmission work as it is so hard to find a quality auto mechanic that isn’t trying to take advantage of you.

Don’t take your car to the stealer er I mean, dealer for a transmission, chances are they will buy one from California Transmissions and charge you 3x what they paid plus an absurd amount for labor and coincidental parts you probably don't really need!

I’d like to personally thank Jessie and Tony for taking such good care of me and my family in the past as well as on this job. I have 3 of these Honda Odysseys and will be taking them there for transmission service and repair for as long as I own them (which will be until the wheels fall off)!"

–Bill G.

“These guys are the greatest. I had a transmission issue back in 2014 and brought my Tahoe to them to get a replacement with a 2 year warranty. These guys did the work and had the truck back to me in 2 days. Well, just recently I had an issue with the transmission, but I called up Jesse and he said no problem, bring it in and let us check it out, since the transmission was still under warranty.

Literally the next day he calls and said we switch out the transmission and it's ready for pickup. I was beyond amazed that it was ready that soon. Thanks guys! Truck runs better than ever. You are truly an amazing company! Keep up the good work.”

–Andrew G.

“If you need transmission work, drive, tow or push your vehicle to California Transmissions right away. Tony, Jesse and everyone there not only did a great mechanical job, but I experienced a level of customer service that is rare in any business, especially auto repair.

There are too many examples of this to write about, but from staying late to receive my van that had to be towed in from the Westside in rush hour, to honoring their price quote even though my transmission was older and parts were hard to find, to going over and above to make good on their warranty when a part (that is not replaced during a standard rebuild) failed when I was in Phoenix!

I don't know much about transmissions, to me they either function right or they don't. Having a business that specializes in only one thing, with a commitment to stand behind their work and good, honest people to deal with makes me a big fan!

Thanks to Tony, Jesse and the whole team. I hope not to need transmission work in the future, but if I do, I know I'll only need to make one call.”

–Mateo B.

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